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3D BluePrint is a well equipped service oriented firm and has immense experience to provide all services needed for the AEC industry. Being Indo-Dutch firm it serves in Asia as well in Europe. We have standard protocol to maintain our higher quality. We are very keen on timing, schedule and deadlines.

Architecture and Engineering: Our team is well experienced and capable of managing all kind of architecture and engineering projects. We provide comprehensive design service in all stages of the building cycle - right from concept design to completion of the project which covers design for all kind of residential, commercial, institutional, industrial, hospitality, and recreational projects.

BIM: BIM is the core of company; we are expert in high profile BIM projects. With our experiences we have expanded our  skill and vision for BIM based services. We generate all kind of BIM (Architecture+Structure+MEP) and engineer  the virtual building well in advance from the model we trace out problems, flaws and clashes. We report it to the client and also provide necessary solutions for the same if it is needed by client. We also generate accurate quantities from these models and support client in the tendering process, cost cut, cost comparison and billing process. We also provide final outcome of the BIM – drawings with all necessary details for execution of the project.

Design coordination: Design coordination is an integral part of BIM, we manage it with BIM where we build the model and coordinate the project between different project partners like architect, structural engineer and MEP consultants. We also provide building program which is early stage (schematic) modeling and also quantify them. It controls and helps the project right in the beginning. We also provide 4D construction planning which is a very helpful outcome for the project to visualize complex construction process, experience the time and feeling of the cash flow as 5D Planning.

Visualization: We deal with BIM- a 3D model but smarter model which gives lot of useful information for process of building. But out of BIM we also offer our client visualization essential for selling the product .